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  Are You Looking For A Reliable B2B company in 2021?   Is there any guarantee that the accounts you are currently taking care of are as efficient as possible? Have you ever tried to find out the methods to improve your new prospects' acquisition? Since this is the only way to prioritize your sales pipeline and make your customers happier? An accurate company data from SalezShark Connect+ might be the solution to your problems.   The best data always includes information that tells about its performance as well as characteristics. Usually, sales employees use it to determine new investment opportunities as well as get the right lead score. Define the term “Company Data” This data includes all the information that builds insight into the performance and characteristics of the respective company. The whole data could be an assessment of the company from any external source (firmographic data and technographic data) or CRM point of view or any intent data that send signals
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Why do Businesses Need Online CRM Software?

  Why do Businesses Need Online CRM Software?   Buying CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a crucial decision that can either make or break your brand's image. You must ensure CRM you going to invest actually worth buying to implement into your business processes to get more customers. In order to overcome such challenges, it becomes essential to have a better understanding of your target audience. With online CRM software, you can have a 360-degree view of your target audience and customers/leads. In one glimpse you get a complete view of customers’ journey. You can track and analyze from where you getting the leads, how those leads turning into opportunity, and eventually into a customer. With the help of a 360-degree view, you can actually locate in which phase your lead is lying and it helps you in taking actions accordingly.   For instance, if you have initiated an e-mail campaign and you keen to know the outcome of that campaign then you can have easy 360

Sales Automation Tools | Sales Automation Software

  The Significance of Sales Automation Tools The significance of sales automation tools can’t be denied and truly a game-changer when it comes to re-inventing the way of selling the products and services to consumers. Sales automation software getting accepted and implemented not only by large size businesses but also by the small and medium-size businesses that wish to accelerate their sales process and enhance the sales figures by leaps and bounds. In the last ten to twelve years with the pace of time, the sales domain has evolved tremendously due to the arrival of sales automation that has transformed the dynamics of selling products and services to consumers. Traditional sales strategies are obsolete now. Nowadays, companies are selling products and services to buyers based on buyers’ needs and expectations that enable businesses to establish a strong relationship with past, present, and future customers.   As the way of selling products and services changed so businesses now

The Significance of Marketing Automation in Online CRM Software

  Online CRM software offers one of the useful features of marketing automation that enables marketing professionals in establishing highly effective customer interactions which result in driving more sales and revenue from online campaigns. It helps marketing professionals to design and run highly effective email marketing campaigns and establish robust relationships with past, present, and future customers. Apart from this marketing automation also enables marketing professionals in more than one way; let’s look into them separately.   Managing Contacts: Marketing automation of online CRM software streamlines the contact list for targeted emails and other marketing practices. It also gives a provision to add a pop-up feature onto the website page that enables marketing experts to collect vital information of new subscribers to the mailing lists. As a result, it makes customer acquisition easy.   Driving Email Marketing: As we are aware that running e-mail marketing campaign

Standardize your Email Process with Easy to use Email Templates

Establishing seamless communication with customers is an important activity for any business and emails play a vital role in this process. We all want our sales & marketing process to function like a well-oiled machine, but one aspect of the process that is often tough to track is the effectiveness of emails. Do you know what your sales & marketing team is emailing customers? Just like calling customers via phone, your sales and marketing experts have their styles of communication. The emails they send to your customers are as important as what they are saying to them on the phone or in person. To overcome such issues you need to standardize your email process so there is no ambiguity of thoughts. Here you need ready to use email templates which brings uniformity and saves time.   Salezshark has introduced the Email Templates Module that includes ready to use email templates allowing users to send templates both in transactional i.e. one on one emails and in bulk emails w

Impact of Online CRM Software on Small & Medium Enterprises

  Small and medium enterprises are considered to be far closer to their clients in comparison with large enterprises. As a small and medium enterprise owner, you might be managing a handful of client communication and customer databases efficiently. But the implementation of online CRM software assists you to manage a larger amount of database, fix unstructured sales and marketing cycle, and can quickly accelerate your business with happy and satisfied clients who know they are being heard and valued not just pre-sales process but post-on-boarding also. With the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software into your sales and marketing process, you can facilitate new efficiencies and gain better insights to generate revenue and efficiently deliver personalized services that set your brand apart from other competitors and eventually take your business to the next level.   Online CRM software for large enterprises can be heavy on your pocket especially if you are

How to Enhance Sales Forecasting | Online CRM Software

  How to Enhance Sales Forecasting?   Sales forecasting is one of the most essential and crucial parts of your business. The accuracy of your sales forecasts affects your business in many ways, right from the minor to major decisions that may build the future of the business itself. In a layman language, putting things into perspective is known as sales forecasting. It empowers organizations to predict upcoming possible sales opportunities and sales challenges in building and managing the sales pipeline. Here online CRM software plays a major role by making the process of sales forecasting easy. In a nutshell, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system helps in the process of sales forecasting that enables businesses to take the necessary steps and implement appropriate sales strategies to predict the most promising sales numbers. Let’s see what other measures businesses must keep enhancing the accuracy of sales forecasting.   Stop Guessing: Undoubtedly online CRM software

How to Define Sales Qualified Leads | Sales Qualified Leads

  How to Define Sales Qualified Leads?   The world of digital marketing is growing rapidly by leaps and bounds. In order to generate sales leads, there are multiple channels and strategies used by businesses. With so many latest evolvement and advancements happening in digital marketing we are sure your organization is investing more in it than ever before and gathering more data of leads than you can really work on. Undoubtedly all sorts of latest technologies and advancements happening in the digital marketing world are effective in generating the sales leads, however; it to identify the high-quality sales leads and differentiate from the low-quality ones is still a challenging task for most of the organizations. Many b2b marketers struggle every day in generating high-quality sales leads. A study done by the Demand Generation Benchmark in 2016 says that 83% of b2b marketers generally pay attention more to the quality of leads rather than quantity.   In an organization, it is

Generate Quality Leads with CRM Software

  Generate Quality Leads with CRM Software CRM software is unquestionably the most important software for businesses nowadays. Most companies rely on the efficiency of this software and implementing it into their business sales and marketing processes. But have you ever thought of what are the reasons behind the popularity and worldwide acceptance of CRM - customer relationship management software? Well, there are a plethora of reasons behind it; CRM was originally created to automate and streamline various processes of businesses like the sales and marketing processes. In the absence of CRM software it was a herculean task for sales and marketing professionals to do all the sales and marketing activities manually that tends to invite a lot of discrepancies too. But with the arrival of CRM, the challenges of doing things manually got solved. The automation offered by CRM transformed the dynamics of sales and marketing processes completely. It helped not only in automating the sales a

Boost Your Business Growth with Online CRM Software

  Boost Your Business Growth with Online CRM Software Executing sales and marketing operations effectively is one of the primary objectives of any business to survive in a highly competitive market. The issues and challenges faced by businesses while streamlining the sales and marketing activities are endless. In such a scenario, online CRM software proves out to be highly effective in combating with all sorts of challenges and issues in driving sales and marketing seamlessly. In the last ten to twelve years, the sales and marketing sector has witnessed a plethora of evolvements that has drastically transformed the way of selling and marketing the products and services to buyers. In such a dynamic environment, the CRM system acts as a savior to businesses in surviving the transformations.   The implementation of CRM – Customer Relationship Management system empowered many organizations and industries in streamlining and automating the sales and marketing process to a huge extent.

What are the differences between digital marketing and telly marketing?

Telemarketing and digital marketing are two different kinds of marketing strategies that use different modes to connect with consumers. Telemarketing is one of the old and traditional marketing practices that still work for many businesses.   It is nothing but a channel to connect with new and existing customers by making a phone call. Through phone calls, marketers try their best to generate leads and also nurture them by educating leads on various products and services.   A decade before it only meant calling consumers to sell products or services. But with the pace of time, it has evolved with video conferencing calls, for a more interactive session between a sales executive and a potential prospect. However, these traditional marketing practices are replaced by digital marketing. Digital marketing can be referred to as a marketing approach that primarily depends on the internet to establish a relationship with the target audience through various digital media channels and platf

What are Lead Generation Activities

  What are lead generation activities?   Before we start exploring the process of lead generation activities it is essential to understand what a lead is. A lead can be referred to as a person or a consumer who has expressed his interest and wish to know more about your business product or service. So as you have an idea now what is a lead all about; let us explore what lead generation activities are all about? How many types of these lead generation activities are prevalent. And what is lead generation? If we talk about lead generation then it is a process of capturing and identifying the interests of people or consumers who have shown an interest in your product or service of a business. Lead generation is all about generating leads which can be done in many ways.   Lead generation is considered as the initial step of a sales and marketing process that plays a pivotal role in any business. In the sales and marketing sector, the initial step of attracting a consumer falls under

My department dealt primarily with customer acquisition

My department dealt primarily with customer acquisition and sales and so we were using SalezShark CRM to track opportunities as well as document the sales process along the way. Several higher management individuals would also use it to check on the status of different leads, but it was primarily used by our team. It definitely helped keep interactions in check as well as provided a clear cut arena for communicating with others in our department about the sales process.   SalezShark CRM is used in different departments within our organization such as sales, marketing, information technology and management. It has enabled us to aggregate leads data so that we can target the right customers. It has also eased our tracking and management of leads, prospects, opportunities and clients. It has also enabled management to track the performance of different marketing strategies and different marketing teams.   We are using this CRM to improve our customer experience with our brand regardless o